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Professional Photographers and Video Producers
Why Sell Your Content through Gay Adult Photos.com?

Because you are good at what you do! You take professional photos or you make professional or amateur videos. You spend all your time doing what you do best and it's important that you figure out how to maximize the value of your product. You may be selling your photos to magazines or selling your videos through the Internet or through a distributor, but unless you are selling to the Online Gay Content Market you are not realizing the full profit potential of your products.

There are tens of thousands of gay adult websites on the Internet. By far, the majority of them DO NOT produce any content. They don't take their own photos. They don't make their own videos. What they do is buy content from content providers like us. In order for them to stay in business they must add new content daily or weekly to their site. That's where we come in.

Gay Adult Photos.com, has been in business making and selling gay adult videos and producing and selling gay photo content since 1999. Gay Adult Photos not only have developed their own excellent content, but have formed partnerships with many thousands of gay adult webmasters. These webmasters are actively looking for content and are asking Gay Adult Photos.com to find it!

Why come on board with us? The reasons are many. If you have been in the business for any length of time, you probably realize the huge investment of time, effort and money that is required to successfully market your product.

Today's gay webmasters are well educated, demanding and professional business people. They realize they are facing stiff competition and must obtain highest quality content available for the most reasonable price they can find.

Can you sell directly to gay adult webmasters yourself? Sure you can, but in order to do so here are just some of the things you should consider"

  • You will need a well designed/maintained website where webmasters can go to view your work and place orders.
  • You will a knowledgeable, professional group of sales people to answer the calls, answer the questions and negotiate package purchases, do follow-up calls and quotations.
  • Be prepared to spend major dollars attending major trade shows around the world.
  • Make introductory calls to every webmaster who registers on your site.
  • Have the time and expertise to design and implement as weekly comprehensive, informative e-mail strategy and campaign to keep your customers appraised of new releases and products you've chosen to offer as specials .
  • Have the ability and funds to open merchant accounts so you can accept credit cards from all the major card companies.
  • Open accounts with the FedEx and UPS as well as the USPS as you will likely have customers from around the globe.
  • Dedicate a server to FTP delivery of your content as this has become the second most popular method of shipment in the adult industry.
  • Burn, label, pack and ship those orders which require that the disk be sent to the customer.
  • Maintain a Shipping Department·
  • Scan all of your images or encode all of your videos. Create a numbering system, create and maintain master files and prepare the images or videos for sale on the internet.
  • Create and maintain a method or system of paper licenses to ensure the legal use of your content.
  • Provide technical support to webmasters of all experience levels who WILL ask how to install, resize and otherwise use your content on their site.
  • And, after you are done with all of the above, then you will need to find the time to go and do what it is that your are really good at……taking photos or making videos.


  • We pay 50% to the Producer for all content sold. Payment is by the 15th of each month and you have the ability to track your sales online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Gay Adult Photos has the team already in place to handle the compilations, scanning, encoding, licensing and categorizing to sell your photos or videos.
  • We have accomplished this by assembling a team of specialists with years of experience in the gay adult arena.

Your job is to produce the best quality and gay adult content possible. Your efforts should be dedicated to that task. Our job is to promote and market your product. As your partner it is in our best interest to do the best we can. Our livelihood depends on it!

So, the question was; WHY NOT GIVE YOUR CONTENT TO US? We think the answer to that is pretty simple. We have the staff, technical expertise, the website, the merchant accounts, the shipping accounts and much more, all dedicated to helping you successfully market your products. Beyond this, we have the technical resources to help you process your images, clips or video content onto disk as well as support those customers who are interested in utilizing your contents


First, you need to complete the Producers Information Form.After you complete and submit it, you will be taken to a page which contains our PRODUCERS REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT. Print it out sign it and FAX it back or mail it back to us. Once we receive it we will be in contact with you to make arrangements to start receiving your photos or videos.
You will not have access to the entire site until we receive both the Producers Information Form and PRODUCERS REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT. Once we receive these items, you will have full access to the site.

Here are someFrequently Asked Questions

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